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Shell Busey’s Home Imporvements provides custom deck construction solutions across the Lower Mainland of BC. Aside from new custom deck design and builds, we also do repairs and restoration, patio covers, and waterproofing. A deck is a long-term investment that tends to get a lot of use and adds value to your home. Done properly and with the right materials, a custom wood deck can have an extended life bringing pleasure to daily living. If a deck is not built correctly, you not only waste time and money, you also run the risk of safety hazards.


When it’s time to Build a New Deck

The type of material your deck is built of, coupled with its weather exposure will determine how long your deck will last. On the wet west coast of British Columbia, most species of wood will experience warping, cracking and rot over time. Species such as redwood, cedar, teak and ipe contain natural oils that protect against moisture. Lack of sun will also speed up the rot process of wood. North facing areas of your deck that see the most shade will need the most attention. There are things you can do to extend the life of these target rot areas.

The best way to avoid deck rot is to paint or re-finish it on a regular basis only after cleaning it with a solution of detergent or trisodium phosphate chlorine bleach and water. Having done everything to prolong the life of your deck, there will come a time when you will need to replace your deck.

Signs you need a new deck:

  • CONSTRUCTION AND WATERPROOFING – Check for warping and insect damage for wood decks. For vinyl or composite decks, you may get fading. Old foundation footings may not have been built on concrete, which keep the base of posts dry.
  • RAILINGS – Have the railings become wobbly? Check for visible signs of water or insect damage. In some cases railings can be replaced without repairing the whole deck.
  • LEDGER BOARD – The ledger board is what connects your deck to your home. Heavy loads such as snow accumulation can pull the deck away from the home.
  • DECK POSTS – Water damage at the base of deck posts is a common occurrence. If water damage or rot is visible, it’s time for replacement. Multiple post damage may point to a bigger concern and complete deck replacement may be necessary.
  • JOISTS – Like the posts, joists are critical to keeping your deck secure and stable. Any apparent signs of water and insect damage, or wear and tear over time, it is the right time to invest in a new deck.

We Build Decks That Look Good and Last

It is a good idea to have your deck inspected after 5+ years. Factor in things like weather exposure to determine when to have your deck inspected by a professional deck builder.

Shell Busey’s Home Improvements has decades of experience in the inspection, design and construction of custom built decks. Our experience will provide you with the best materials, built with exceptional quality while giving optimum function and comfort. Working with you we consider all factors necessary to custom design a deck you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Whether it’s wood, composite, or vinyl, we work with materials that have aesthetic beauty, are low-maintenance, and have high-performance.

Decks You’ll Love That Are Built Right

If your deck has seen better days, have one of our professionals go over the different deck options with you. We’ll help you choose the right materials that is best suited for your taste and environment. Contact us for your free custom deck consultation.

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